Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

4th Edition LIBOR Transition in Loans and Derivatives

Switching both new and legacy LIBOR contracts to the new Risk-Free Rates across futures, swaptions, structured products, securities and loans in preparation for 2021.

7-9 Dec 2020
New York, NY, United States of America

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event speakers

Tom Wipf
Vice Chairman of Institutional Securities and Chair of the ARRC
Morgan Stanley

Mark Cabana
Managing Director, Head of US Rates Strategy
Bank of America

Rajeev Rajan
Global Head of Private Equity Valuation and Valuation Methodology

Rachel Sacco
Managing Director and Head, IBOR Transition Office
BMO Capital Markets

Chris McAlister
Managing Director, Global Head of Derivatives Trading

Robert Zambarano
Managing Director, Macro Products Strategist
Guggenheim Securities

Jumana Poonawala
Senior Vice President, Chief Program Officer, LIBOR Transition Office
US Bank