Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

2nd Edition Intelligent Automation for Financial Institutions

Integrate cognitive technologies with RPA at an enterprise-wide scale for operational excellence and an enhanced customer experience to achieve a clear ROI

22-23 Sep 2021
New York, United States of America

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event speakers

Vishal Ahluwalia
Global Head of Client Experience, Digitization
JP Morgan

Victor Hugo Martinez
Managing Director, Lead Data Scientist,
State Street

David Castillo
Managing Vice President, Leader of the Center
Capital One

Greg McLaughlin
Executive Director, Global Head of Transformation
Morgan Stanley

John Kwamya
Senior Vice President, Engineering Infrastructure,

Beaumont Vance
Head of AI, Advanced Analytics and Emerging
TD Ameritrade

Biswajit Dasgupta
Global Head of Quality and Operational Excellence
Fidelity Investments

Jeffrey Bray
Executive Vice President, Technology and Operations
Seacoast Bank