Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

2nd Edition Practical Implementation of IFRS 17

Identify your approach to practical implementation challenges and compare interpretations of the new standard

25-27 Jun 2018
Marco Polo Hotel , Hong Kong

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event speakers

Sally Wang
Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer
China Pacific Life Insurance

Makoto Okubo
General Manager, International Affairs
Nippon Life Insurance Company

Kristof Imbrechts
Head of Financial Actuarial, Group Insurance
HSBC Insurance

Bob Owel
Technical Lead IFRS 17 and 9 Implementation

Sergei Korol
Group Chief Financial Officer
Asia Capital Re, Singapore

Erik Bleekrode
Insurance Accounting Change Lead Partner

Peter Hirs
Head of Finance
Zurich Insurance Company

Kenneth Dai
Vice President and Chief Actuary