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Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

6th Edition Operational Risk Management

Strengthening operational risk management via effective supervision of key risk indicators and controls, dynamic governance and awareness of the best approaches to tackle emerging risks

28-30 Sep 2020
San Francisco, CA, United States of America

Conference Workshop

Workshop Title: Managing 3rd party risk in 2020 and beyond
This workshop will examine the dynamic evolutions in 3rd party risk management from the operational risk perspective including the change in regulatory expectation such as the data privacy requirements (CCPA) and the continuing cyber threats dominating the headlines. There will also be discussions into the impact of COVID-19 on 3rd party dependencies and how this has highlighted operational risk and resiliency planning.
Workshop Moderator: Miles Webb, Founder and Principal
Company: Redwood Risk Management Solutions

Why You Should Attend

6th Edition Operational Risk Management

This GFMI conference will allow operational risk professionals to assess the regulatory landscape through hearing regulatorsí perspectives on current guidelines and practices within the industry, such as on the implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This event will also discuss the best approaches to effective monitoring and management of key risk indicators and controls to enhance operational risk management across the institution. Additionally, delegates will benchmark the best methods for governance of operational risk management programs to enhance resiliency and ensure a strong three lines of defense structure, particularly in light of COVID-19.

There will also be consideration of the constant prominence of cyber risk within the operational risk function and the best methods for approaching this threat. The future concerns for operational risk management professionals will also be deliberated such as the increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) across institutions alongside the growing automation of the operational risk function. Finally, there will be an assessment of the emerging risks within this space such as the cloud, pandemic risk, climate risk and geopolitical risk to benchmark the best solutions for overcoming these concerns.

Key Topics

  • Hear regulators’ perspectives on emerging risks such as cyber risk and data protection
  • Benchmark the best approaches to ensure effective risk indicators and controls are in place
  • Strengthen governance and resiliency of operational risk programs
  • Overcome challenges surrounding the constant concern of cyber risk for operational risk professionals
  • Manage the implications of COVID-19 from the operational risk perspective

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    Practical Insights From

    Mark Williams
    Chief Operational Risk Officer
    Zions Bancorporation

    Wesley Sawan
    Head of Operational Risk
    Sidecar Health

    Randy Howell
    Head of Operational Risk
    TD Ameritrade

    Terrance Phillips
    Head of Enterprise Risk Management
    Affinity Federal Credit Union

    Shelly Heacock
    Managing Director, Global Head of Operational Risk
    State Street

    Chris Horn
    Managing Director, Internal Audit
    Charles Schwab

    Richard Brightman
    Head of Enterprise Risk Management

    Kenya Rice
    Head of Enterprise Risk Management
    Green Dot

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