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Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Mastering the Management of Cyber Security

A two day course featuring numerous case studies and practical examples

23-24 Mar 2022
New York, NY, United States of America

Why You Should Attend

Mastering the Management of Cyber Security

To ensure we meet your expectations and maximise your return on training investment, we favour a classroom/workshop style set

Todays business world is becoming ever more interconnected. New threats are emerging every day- not just from bad actors, but from the vulnerabilities created by a widening attack surface and enhanced communications. Digital transformation has also created an environment of increasingly intense competition. Agile organizations can get the upper hand by using cutting-edge technologies to create new products, provide better customer experiences, innovate, and rapidly scale those innovations across the enterprise. As a result, business strategy and IT strategy will be increasingly and actively more aligned. How a company weaves its technology investments together will ultimately determine how prepared it is to preempt disruption and seize opportunities. Companies that build boundaryless, adaptable, and radically human IT systems that explicitly enable scale and strategic agility will win the day.

Security and governance will become more complicated than todayas more potential attack surfaces increase vulnerability. While developing new products and services, an organization needs to strike the right balance between innovation and risk. In most cases, the more that security is increased, the less user-friendly and convenient the product or service becomes.

The course teaches a new paradigm that approaches security as a business problem and aligns it with business needs. So, instead of viewing security as a technical problem handled by technical people, it uses an outcome-driven approach that balances investment and risk. Even further, instead of throwing money at the problem at the expense of executive engagement, it connects cybersecurity with business decision-making to impact business outcomes using three prongs, risk management, proactive employee involvement (Cyber-Wellness) and business strategy

About your expert trainer:

David X Martin is passionate about helping business leaders sleep better at night by equipping them with critical cyber risk management and cyber wellness tools that protect their enterprises whileenhancing strategic business growth.​ Four decades of experience as a financial leader for PwC, Alliance Bernstein, Citibank, and others have provided a grounding for balancing the realities ofrisk with the opportunities of business.

His approach comes through in his writing and speaking engagements. His books, ‘‘Risk and the Smart Investor’’ and ‘‘The Nature of Risk,’’​ ​plus articles for GARP and Institutional Investor, help to encapsulate this vision. He also serves as Special Counselor to the Center for Financial Stability on cyber security and emerging risks, and on the Sanctions Subcommittee of the U.S. Department of State's Advisory Committee on International Economy Policy.

David has been delivering public and in-house courses for many years now, and as a result of the 2020-1 Coronavirus pandemic has now successfully transitioned to delivering his courses online, thus ensuring that risk professionals across the globe continue to benefit from his insights.

Pre-course questionnaire:

A detailed questionnaire will be sent to all course participants to establish exactly where the group training needs lie. The completed forms will be analysed by the course leader/trainer and followed by telephone if further clarification is required. As a result we can guarantee that the course is pitched at exactly the right level and that the issues that you regard as relevant are addressed. The course material will reflect these issues and will enable you to digest the subject matter after the event in your own time.

Who should attend?

The course is not just intended for banks and financial services but for any industry that has real concerns over cyber-security. The course will be of particular interest for the following departments or individuals:

· Board Directors

· C-Suite Officers

· Senior IT Professionals

· Risk

· Compliance

· Audit

· Operations

Key Topics

  • Learn how to implement a security model that can avoid the worst pitfalls of a cyberattack.
  • Eliminate the disconnect between executive decision-making and IT professionals on cybersecurity.
  • Apply the tenets of risk management to cybersecurity to take a broad view of risks across an organization
  • Introduce Cyber-Wellness which proactively involves every employee to be responsible for the risks they undertake.
  • Enhance product integrity, customer experience, operations regulatory compliance, brand reputation, and investor confidence.

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    • “Very good, lots of content and applicable and interesting real-life stories/examples Morgan Stanley
    • “Very good event bringing a very impressive group of experts” Scotiabank
    • “A great event for practitioners” Citigroup
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