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Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

2nd Annual Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance

Utilize Machine Learning tools within quantitative finance whilst meeting investors’ and regulators’ expectations

1-2 Sep 2020
New York, NY, United States of America

Conference Workshop

Workshop Title: Using synthetic data for ML in finance
This workshop will look into ways to create synthetic data from lending club loan record datasets alongside comparing characteristics and statistical properties of real and synthetic datasets. There will also be discussions into building machine learning models for predicting interest rates using real and synthetic datasets and evaluating the performance and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using synthetic datasets as a proxy for real datasets
Workshop Moderator: Sri Krishnamurthy
Company: QuantUniversity

Why You Should Attend

2nd Annual Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance

This GFMI conference will enable buy side and sell side to discuss the latest strategies for Machine Learning (ML) within quantitative finance and identify the best Return on Investment (ROI) and use cases. The event will discuss the utility of reinforcement learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and how best to adapt these models to the industry. Delegates will also explore the importance of data quality and how to approach the high noise-to-signal ratios to guarantee models can produce accurate results. As well as this, discussions will be held about how to derive actionable insights from alternative data to maximize ROI. Methodologies to overcome the issues of interpretability and explainability will also be assessed to ensure that firms can satisfy regulators, clients and investors. Finally, the future for ML will be discussed, including an assessment of how best to bridge the gap between quantitative finance professionals and machine learning experts.

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Key Topics

  • Benchmark the best use cases for ML in quantitative finance
  • Overcome issues surrounding data quality in ML models
  • Examine the best utility of alternative data within quantitative strategies
  • Develop new methods to explain and interpret ML results to stakeholders
  • Compare recruitments approaches to attract and hire ML experts

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Alexander Fleiss
    Chief Executive Officer

    Michael Recce
    Chief Data Scientist
    Neuberger Berman

    Arik Ben Dor
    Head of Quantitative Equity Research

    Tucker Balch
    Managing Director, JP Morgan AI Research Group
    JP Morgan & Chase

    Ritesh Singh
    Vice President, Data Scientist
    Goldman Sachs

    Boris Lerner
    Global Head of Quantitative Equity Research
    Morgan Stanley

    Kevin Slader
    Senior Data Scientist
    Societe Generale

    George Mylnikov
    Portfolio Manager, Head of Quantitative Research
    Windhaven Investment Management

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