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Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

6th Annual Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management, Canada

Pricing and product innovation strategies to win core deposits and maintain margins in the increasingly competitive, low interest rate market while balancing NCCF, LCR and NSFR requirements

8-10 Sep 2020
Toronto, ON, Canada

Conference Workshop

Workshop Title: Bank switching behaviors
In this session, we share research on zones of indifference, inertia thresholds and pricing sensitivities; and through case studies hear where non-monetary incentives, behavior-based strategies, pricing and consistent rewards can impact bank switching behaviors. Understand why customers don’t switch banking relationships in the digital age, and re-imagine campaigns for greater effectiveness.
Workshop Moderator: Betty Cowell, Founder
Company: Retail Financial Services Performance LLC

Why You Should Attend

6th Annual Retail Deposit Optimization and Strategic Management, Canada

During this synergetic industry meeting, delegates will gain insight into how banks and credit unions across Canada are responding to the evolving retail deposit customer demographic and learn how to leverage data and new technologies to better understand and predict their behaviours. They will benefit from practical demonstrations on how both digital and traditional distribution channels can be optimized to create an omni-channel user experience to gather a higher volume of “sticky” deposits. The latest pricing and product innovation strategies to compete with FinTechs and attract and retain core retail deposits will also be explored. Furthermore, delegates will develop their techniques for balancing the loan to deposit ratio with liquidity regulations to maximise their revenue and the stability of their retail portfolios.

Key Topics

  • Target the right customers at the right time by leveraging data and new technologies
  • Differentiate across multiple distribution channels to gather more core deposits
  • Engage retail customers with innovative deposit products and pricing strategies
  • Secure stable sources of funding to support lending and the LAR guidelines as well as the growth of high-interest savings accounts

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    Practical Insights From

    John Ferren
    Senior Vice President, Deposits, Canadian Personal and Small Business Banking

    Kristal Au-Yong
    Senior Vice President, Analytics and Innovation

    Jeff Wong
    Chief Digital, Information and Technology Officer
    Coast Capital Savings

    John Doran
    Senior Vice President, Treasury
    FirstOntario Credit Union

    Neil Cooper
    Chief Financial Officer
    Conexus Credit Union

    Nez Aquino
    Chief Risk Officer

    Lucianna Adragna
    Senior Director, Pricing and Aqcuisition

    Carola Corti
    Head of Everyday Banking and Customer Growth

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