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Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

2nd Edition Intelligent Automation for Financial Institutions

Integrate cognitive technologies with RPA at an enterprise-wide scale for operational excellence and an enhanced customer experience to achieve a clear ROI

22-23 Sep 2021
New York, United States of America

Conference Workshop

Workshop Title: Discover, develop and deploy cognitive automation at scale with robotic process automation (RPA) and AI
An interactive 3 hour workshop that will include a demo that attendees can follow along with on their own laptops on RPA use cases, integrating AI into robotics processes, and best practices for automation in finance.
Workshop Moderator: Nandan Mullakara
Company: CEO of Innomatiq

Why You Should Attend

2nd Edition Intelligent Automation for Financial Institutions

This premier GFMI conference takes a strategic look at how financial institutions can automate their processes through RPA, AI and IPA to streamline their operations, combat fraud, and better serve their customers. Delegates will hear about what has and has not worked for their peers and why, as well as learn more about how to identify the right opportunities for digital automation. Methods to optimize current processes and prepare for the adoption of the technology will be discussed. Techniques for how to make a compelling business case, showing ROI, and strategies to successfully integrate robotic and cognitive technologies into existing processes will also be evaluated.

Key Topics

  • Build automation at an enterprise-wide scale to deliver a clear ROI by identifying the right use case
  • Streamline existing processes and overcome data access issues to enhance the speed of adoption
  • Monitor every step of an automated process to measure the value added and explain decisions to regulators
  • Advance automated processes through the integration of AI to achiever smarter automation that can resolve more complex business problems

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    Event Partners

    Practical Insights From

    Vishal Ahluwalia
    Global Head of Client Experience, Digitization
    JP Morgan

    Victor Hugo Martinez
    Managing Director, Lead Data Scientist,
    State Street

    David Castillo
    Managing Vice President, Leader of the Center
    Capital One

    Greg McLaughlin
    Executive Director, Global Head of Transformation
    Morgan Stanley

    John Kwamya
    Senior Vice President, Engineering Infrastructure,

    Beaumont Vance
    Head of AI, Advanced Analytics and Emerging
    TD Ameritrade

    Biswajit Dasgupta
    Global Head of Quality and Operational Excellence
    Fidelity Investments

    Jeffrey Bray
    Executive Vice President, Technology and Operations
    Seacoast Bank

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “I really enjoyed the conference and the interaction with the participants” – Managing Director, Lead Data Scientist, Cognitive Computing at State Street
    • “Great content” – Managing Director, Global Head, Process Automation Centre of Excellence at BlackRock
    • “A great event with so many interesting discussions and people, and so many new ideas as a result of that” - Executive Director, Head of Innovation and Automation at JP Morgan
    • “Great dialogue with a very engaged group of participants” – Head of Global Business Automation at BNY Mellon
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    Event Contact

    For all enquiries regarding speaking, sponsoring and attending this conference contact:

    Jeremy Wise GFMI

    455 N Cityfront Plaza Dr, Chicago, IL 60611
    9th Floor

    +1 312-540-3000 ext 6523
    Fax: +1 312-540-6523
    Email: jeremywise@global-fmi.com