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Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

New Technology & Cyber Risk Masterclass

With an emphasis on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Blockchain

28-30 Nov 2017
Marriott Courtyard, Toronto, ON, Canada

Why You Should Attend

New Technology & Cyber Risk Masterclass

To ensure we meet your expectations and maximise your return on training investment, we favour a classroom/workshop style set

The financial sector has historically been more reluctant than other industries to innovate technologically. Eliciting firm trust from their clients is crucial, and therefore many measures that they perceive as a potential threat to security are studiously avoided. However, in recent years the success of online and mobile banking has paved the way for a more exploratory approach to modern technology. At the core of this new approach is robotic process automation, or RPA. Banks, insurance firms, asset managers and so on are now looking to invest heavily in robotics to automate the most repetitive, mundane back-office tasks – thus ensuring efficient, accurate and cost-effective completion of those tasks, and freeing up employees to focus on more engaging work that relies on human instinct.

About your expert trainer:

Donna Marie Howe is a banker, risk management and finance professional with more than 25 years industry experience in the US financial services sector. With the rare ability of combining high-level quantitative skills with qualitative management excellence she has held a variety of senior risk management roles in some of the world’s most established banks including Deutsche Bank, UBS, ABN AMRO, and Santander. Well-known within the North American risk community she has served for more than 10 years on the Board of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and between consultancy and corporate training projects teaches at several major universities in New York City and the Northeast.

She was also responsible for risk management of the US consortium of clearing members when negotiating with the exchanges to set up clearing for single-family CDS. Dealing with potential scenarios where everyone is expected to be "rushing for the exits" and yet not causing systemic harm was a challenge that she met. Lastly, she was responsible for risk managing the 600-odd buy-side customers of a large Swiss financial institution during the 2008 crisis. Collateral exchanges, derivatives management and strategic unwinds were all part of the toolkit used with success.

Howard Model is a senior consultant with 20+ years experience in all phases of process and systems development.  Howard started up a data administration team for a major insurance broker, as well as quality assurance team on a large SAP implementation for an oil research company.  His focus on data and process has allowed him to participate and lead in, requirements analysis, data modeling, quality assurance, project management, and hard-core coding. He has worked in retail, warehousing, manufacturing, consumer products, financial, insurance, and government organizations. Since 2008,he has been focusing primarily in risk data and analytics.

Pre-course questionnaire:

A detailed questionnaire will be sent to all course participants to establish exactly where the group training needs lie. The completed forms will be analysed by the course leader/trainer and followed by telephone if further clarification is required. As a result we can guarantee that the course is pitched at exactly the right level and that the issues that you regard as relevant are addressed. The course material will reflect these issues and will enable you to digest the subject matter after the event in your own time.

Who should attend?

  • Business and IT Strategy staff
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Operational Risk
  • Third Party Risk
  • Cyber Risk
  • Data Quality
  • Internal Audit
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Technology staff and auditors

Key Topics

  • Implement robust mitigation frameworks and strategies
  • Evaluate strategies for prototyping this technology
  • Gain an in-depth review of reporting do’s and don’ts
  • Determine emerging and future uses
  • Establish a solid understanding of blockchain technology

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