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Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Central Clearing & Credit Counterparty Risk Capital, Margining and Documentation under Basel 3

Demystifying the changes, requirements and impact of central clearing and examining the revision of counterparty credit risk capital measurements

25-26 Jun 2018
Jakarta , Indonesia

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Central Clearing & Credit Counterparty Risk Capital, Margining and Documentation under Basel 3

Counterparty credit risk is one of the areas of greatest impact in the financial markets and banking sector regulatory reforms stemming from the 2007-8 Financial Crisis. This 2-day course will examine the changes and their impacts on both financial institutions and OTC derivatives ’end-users’ resulting from G20 mandates for central clearing of derivatives and mandatory initial and variation margining of non-cleared derivatives. The course will also explain how these developments are factored into the Basel lll revisions of banking sector counterparty credit risk capital requirements in the new and complex Standardised Approach - Counterparty Credit Risk Capital (’SA-CCR’) which becomes effective January 2017 and replaces the widely-used, and relatively simple, Basel ll Current Exposure Method (’CEM’). The course also briefly describes how other important bank OTC derivatives developments - notably account and regulatory valuation adjustments - such as Credit Value Adjustment (’CVA’) and Margin Value Adjustment (’MVA’) fit into counterparty credit risk management for both cleared and non-cleared transactions and ’netting sets’.

Central clearing or OTC derivatives, although mandated in 2009, has followed a slow implementation process globally. Although the U.S. regulators - the CFTC and SEC - implemented CCP requirements for interest rate and credit default swaps in 2014, implementation of central clearing by the EU and APAC authorities has come at a much slower pace, but is now rapidly accelerating. The operational, regulatory and legal issues related to central clearing itself are complex and the further changes and requirements for margining of non-cleared derivatives transactions and the entire revision of Basel counterparty credit risk capital measurements and capital - factoring in central clearing and margining requirements - are complex and not well understood by both bank trading book managers and product end-users. This 2-day training workshop is designed to explain and ’de-mystify’ these changes, their requirements and their impact, and to enable course participants to plot a strategy for meeting with the challenges of the new counterparty credit risk environment.

Key Topics

  • Understand global activities in central clearing and the changes in counterparty credit risk measurement, capital and collateral requirements
  • Formulate a strategy for adapting to the new market conditions and operational and capital requirements
  • Anticipate where and what technology changes may be required in your institution
  • Understand the operational, legal, risk and cost / benefit aspects of using OTC derivatives in both central clearing and non-clearing applications as the market requirements further develop

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    • “This is well suited for people wanting to reflect on regulatory developments in banking” -NWB Bank
    • “It is comprehensive and beneficial, especially to treasury managers” -Turkiye is Bankasi
    • “Good format to discuss the challenges and growing importance of these issues“ -DNB
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