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Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Global Financial Markets Intelligence

Comprehensive Overview of Trading and Hedging Techniques in Foreign Exchange Markets

This two-day Foreign Exchange Markets course covers the purpose of foreign exchange (FX) markets, the participants and the uses of the market for investors, treasury managers and speculators.

12-13 Oct 2017
London, United Kingdom

Why You Should Attend

Comprehensive Overview of Trading and Hedging Techniques in Foreign Exchange Markets

How will you benefit?

The course includes an overview of the structure of the principal global currency markets as well the dynamics of other currencies, including those pegged to the US dollar and provides an opportunity to develop practical skills in deriving cross and forward rates from fundamental spot and interest rate data and in using FX instruments, including FX Swaps and Non-deliverable Forwards (NDF) in currencies with capital controls, to hedge risk. FX options are also covered; including pricing models based around two sets of interest rates and FX volatility expectations.


The macroeconomic background to FX markets is discussed in detail, along with other key factors driving the world’s major currencies such as central bank interventions, political and economic risk expectations and interactions with other markets such as Bonds. Short and medium term dynamics, including “technicals” such as momentum and range trading strategies which can overwhelm other factors in shorter time periods are covered alongside the theoretical and empirical bases for longer term mean reversion in currency markets.

The programme looks at the market from both that of shorter term traders as well as longer term investors such as those seeking to implement effective “currency overlay” programmes via FX products to complement underlying securities-based positions.

About your expert trainer:

Duncan Hughes MSc

Duncan has over 25 years’ experience in financial markets and has held senior positions at leading financial institutions on the sell and buy side, including N M Rothschild and Threadneedle Asset Management.  His experience spans all major asset classes including fixed income and currencies, equity and property investment. Responsibilities have included investment strategy formulation, portfolio construction, treasury management, risk analysis and the use of derivatives for position taking and risk management.


In his early career Duncan was a quantitative analyst and was the recipient of the Institute of Investment Management and Research (IIMR, the precursor to the CFA (UK) organisation) prize for Statistics and Financial Mathematics. Through board level positions at specialist boutique finance houses he has gained considerable experience of alternative asset classes, structured products and derivatives.  Duncan was a member of the CFA UK’s examination panel for over ten years, having had particular responsibility for the Fixed Interest and Economics subject areas for the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) qualification. He has been a guest lecturer at the London Financial Academy and on MSc Finance courses at London Metropolitan University, has published a book on asset management and has also recently authored an article on risk management for Bloomsbury Press.

Pre-course questionnaire:

A detailed questionnaire will be sent to all course participants to establish exactly where the group training needs lie. The completed forms will be analysed by the course leader/trainer and followed by telephone if further clarification is required. As a result we can guarantee that the course is pitched at exactly the right level and that the issues that you regard as relevant are addressed. The course material will reflect these issues and will enable you to digest the subject matter after the event in your own time.

Who should attend?

Financial analysts

Quantitative analysts

Risk managers

Corporate treasurers

Pension Fund managers

Global equity fund managers

Global bond fund managers

Bond dealers and traders


New financial markets employees

Key Topics

  • Overview of global FX markets and the major currency blocs
  • Market structure: role of US dollar and spot, cross and forward rates
  • Macroeconomic drivers behind FX rates, including interest rates and trade balances
  • Calculating cross and forward rates from spot rates and interest rates
  • Other FX instruments, including FX swaps, futures and options

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