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GFMI – Global Financial Markets Intelligence provides financial market firms the platform they need to acquire strategic information to solve the problems they are facing.

Our events bring together industry-leaders and decision-makers to develop actionable responses to overcome the strategic challenges of today’s financial markets and see how mutual problems are being addressed across different firms. Detailed case studies presented by senior practitioners with hands-on experience are combined with discussion forums to enable participants to leave events having gained the information they need to tackle the issues that are on top of their agenda.

With each and every meeting being extensively researched and agendas being compiled from information acquired from players across the market, our product range is geared towards providing contemporary and relevant solutions for the problems that firms are facing at any given time, giving firms tangible outcomes that vastly exceed the time and expense of attendance.

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  • Modern Derivative Pricing and Risk Management for Counterparty Credit, Collateral Financing, and Capital
    A comprehensive look at the valuation adjustments now referred to as XVA
    marcus evans events
    9-10 May 2016
  • Deposit Modelling
    Think critically about behavioral models for non-maturity deposits
    marcus evans events
    United Kingdom
    11-12 May 2016
  • Trading after the Volcker Rule: A Regulatory Primer
    Attaining up-to-date information on rules concerning fund ownership and prohibitions and exemptions to principal trading
    marcus evans events
    United States of America
    New York
    13 May 2016
  • Gas Storage Modelling in the Energy Market
    Explore sophisticated modelling methods to capture the value of gas storage in a challenging market environment
    marcus evans events
    United Kingdom
    12-13 May 2016
  • Integrating Funds Transfer Pricing & ALM
    Examine how the construct and management of Funds Transfer Pricing (“FTP”) functions can distort the perception and realization of interest rate risk, liquidity risk and product profitability. Drawing on lessons from behavioral finance, the course will demonstrate how risk managers should be involved in the design and management of FTP processes….
    marcus evans events
    16-17 May 2016
  • Global Microstucture Workshop
    Intense 2-Day Workshop with a breadth & depth of knowledge applicable for the Buy-Side, Sell-Side, and Stock Exchanges
    marcus evans events
    United States of America
    New York, NY
    16-17 May 2016
  • Collateral Excellence
    Seamless Integration of New Regulatory Requirements to Effectively Manage and Optimize Collateral Performance
    marcus evans events
    United States of America
    Downtown Conference Centre-New York City
    16-17 May 2016
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    • "Overall execution of the event was great. The panel was perfect and the on-site Marcus Evans staff helped us very much" - Sales, PMP b²tec Software Ltd
    • "The speakers were very knowledgeable and had practical suggestions to help with FATCA implementation."- Senior Legal Office Financial Services Commission
    • "It was a very good event. I consider it an excellent opportunity to share experiences, points of view and knowledge to improve our work�?Project Manager " - Banco de Credito
    • "Informative, well organised, and topical event. " - Company Secretary, Allied Irish Banks

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